Why File for Small Claims With GetJustice?

Professional Support
Eliminate errors by scheduling a consultation call with a lawyer
Cost Efficiency
Save your money by filing your claims and lawsuits at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.
Full Service
We handle everything from preparing the claim, filing the lawsuit with the court, and serving it on the defendant.

Areas We Can Help

Unpaid Invoices
Got a client who wouldn’t pay their invoice?
Defamation / Reputation
Did someone defame you in any way?
Is someone harassing you?
Purchase / Sale
Facing problems after purchasing or selling something?
Are you facing issues with a warranty?
Unpaid Debt
Lent someone money and, they won’t pay it back?
Breach of Contract
Signed a contract with somebody and, they’re not upholding the terms?
Post-Closing Real Estate Issues
Discovered a significant defect in real estate after purchasing it?
Did someone damage your property in any way?
Employer / Employee
Got a problem with your employer or employee?
Renovations / Construction
Got problems with a renovation or construction project?
Neighbor Disputes
Got problems with your neighbors?
Mechanic / Vehicle
Got a problem with a mechanic or vehicle repair?
Door-to-Door Salesmen
Bought something that you don’t want from a door-to-door salesman?
Hidden Defect
Purchased something and found a hidden defect?

Our packages cover everything you need to file claims and lawsuits online.

How can we help

We Make Filing Small Claims Easy.

Demand Letter

An in-depth demand letter
$ 39
  • Professionally written Demand Letter tailored to your needs.


Best All-Inclusive Option
$ 199
  • Easy-to-use small claims questionnaire
  • We file the documents with the court
  • Includes a lawyer consultation


Best DIY Option
$ 99
  • Easy-to-use small claims questionnaire
  • Demand Letter
  • Advanced
  • Recommended
Demand LetterAdvancedRecommended
Create a customizable demand letter in minutes
Access to secure online small claims software to complete all the forms you need
A 20 minute (no-strings-attached) consultation with a lawyer
GetJustice files your completed small claims documents with the courthouseAdd on
Get StartedGet StartedGet Started

Unsure which plan to choose?

Disclaimer: These prices do not include HST, filing fees, or postage fees.

Disclaimer: GetJustice is not a law firm and will not represent you in your proceeding. The web-based app will assist you in generating and filing your court documents. Lawyer consultations and legal services provided by independent lawyers are contracted through Domus Legal Inc.

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