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GetJustice is an online platform that simplifies the process of preparing and filing small claims and lawsuits online. Instead of hiring a lawyer to file your claim, use our service to save time and money. Our goal is to make legal services accessible to everyone. GetJustice allows Canadians in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador to file for small claims online.

This differs based on the type of claim. In general, keep the claim simple and stick to the facts. Also, number your paragraphs, use dates, and be as specific as possible.

Under our Service package, GetJustice will serve a copy of your claim to the Defendant via registered mail or personal service.

In Ontario, you have 6 months to serve your claim after it has been issued. In other provinces, the duration might differ.

Absolutely. That’s what GetJustice will help you do.

No, our standard packages are $99 plus HST. Afterwards, you will be responsible for filing the court documents. Our other packages do not include HST, postage fees, and filing fees in your province.

You can ask the court to rule in your favour if the Defendant doesn’t respond to your claim or let you know they intend to defend the case. You will need to prove the lawsuit was properly served on the Defendant.

If the court rules in your favour, you might be entitled to recover some of the costs. You will need to provide the court with a copy of your GetJustice invoice and any other costs associated with your claim.

This timeline varies depending on the province that the matter is being commenced in.

You can either do the research and learn how to file the lawsuit yourself, or you can use an online service like GetJustice.

Small Claims Court filing fees range from $50 to $215 depending on the province.

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